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"Green Flags" on the 1st F-50-series Kits Run - Update for Sept 17, 2017

First, let us say how overwhelming the reaction to our the announcement of our first frieght car kits has been. Honestly, we thought we'd have more kits that would be availible after the inital release. We did some double checkeing, right now our stock on hand only barely covers the reservations we received before the end of the Sept 15th closing of the reservations.

After finishing bagging up all the parts we have on hand, we've run out of a couple of parts sooner than we thought we would. We've had to strip all of our #1010 Roping Staples parts bags to cover the reservations and get the few 'extra' kits we have on hand! Those who placed their reservations and have confirmation emails before Sept 18 will have their orders covered in full.

For those of you that missed the reserveations, don't worry, more parts are on the way ASAP! We also have a "Second Section" (run) of kits on the way as soon as possible! Please be patient as we recover from the shock of this initial surge of damand. We do plan to 'stock' these kits as a regular item.

OMM August 2017 News - F-50-Series Kits Announcement

SP 43745, an F-50-9 ex-PE car transferred to the SP in 1928.

Cut-Off Date for the Advance Reservations for F-50-5,8,9 & F-50-10,12 Is Closing September 15, 2017

Currently the reservations on our books cover 75% of the first run of this kit!

If you've missed the reservation date, we'll be happy to fill your orders once the kits for folks that put in their Advance Reservations have been shipped. - There's got to be some perks for showing your interest in our projects early!

When we update the website for public orders of the F-50-series cars, we'll also be adding serveral new pages spectifically dealing with the F-50-Series Kits!

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