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News for Oct 2017!

Update on F-50-Series

Also if you missed out on the F-50-Series flatcars, please Email us for getting your Reservation in for the 2nd Run of F-50-Series kits!

New Product!

OMM 10001 Pickup Lugs folding
We're back at it with another new product, updating our Tailgate Marker Kits with new #10001 Pickup Kit for Walthers Passenger Trucks!

It Must Be Fall!

Every year with the coming of the Fall season, OwlMtModels tries to visit as many conventions and meets as we can. This year we're also look forward to seeing all our fellow modelers at the V&T Convention in Carson City in early October. Followed by hopefully being able to meet many new friends at the Chicago-Naperville RPM meet later in the month. After that we'll be into November and if everything goes right, we'll still have steam enough for the SPH&TS Convention in Santa Rosa. After the SP Convention, it's always nice to think about a nice long winters nap to dream up new projects. - - - Well in reality we'll probably have several more months of working on the projects we have going already, plus a few more new surprises for the coming year!

F-50-Series Kits (2000-Series)

Link to purchasing and information on our NEW F-50-Series Kits. Currently (Sept 2017) we are sold out, please email us for reservations in the next run.

OMM 4000-Series 3D Printed Parts, Models, & Kits at our Shapeways Storefront.

OMM 3D Printed Parts

While you're waiting for our new injection molded flatcars to be released for sale, check out some of our new designs that will be printed "On-Demand" for you via our Shapeways Storefront!

Modular Lumber Load Kits - OMM #3001

OMM 3001 Modular Lumber Load Kit

Whether you need loads for your whole lumber train of flatcars or you only need one carload for your local sawmill or lumber yard, the 3001 Kit offers lots of what you're looking for. The modular design offers literally millions of options in how you assemble the 32 panels of lumber into stacks and loads, and then more options in adding the prototypical bracing to finish the load.

Modular Lumber Add-On Kits for our OMM#3001 Kits

Expand your modular lumber loads with extra groups of lumber or make an extra stack of lumber loads using spare "panels" from several OMM #3001 Lumber Load Kits.

Passenger Car Lighting & Marker Kits

OMM 10002 LED Tailgate Markers

Don't forget to bring up the rear of your passenger trains with the 10002 Tailgate kit with red LED Pyle GyraLite Marker – Correct for use on passenger cars of SP, UP, GN, Amtrak, and many other railroads from about 1953-1954 to Amtrak in 1971 when cars were all built with built in-markers.

This kit can also be assembled to look like markers used by railroads with square “box-light” markers, such as used by ATSF and others.

Also our newly released #10001 Pickup Lug kit for Walthers Passenger Trucks to light your cars and markers.

Detail Parts

OMM 1001 on tankcar

Tankcar Vents and Roping Staples

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