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News for October 2017

New Pickup Lug Kit for Walthers Passenger Trucks have arrived!

SP 5199 with LED Lighting using Walthers Trucks and OMM 10001 Pickups
Southern Car & Foundry's beautiful 69-BP-30-3 (SP 5199) with the new OMM 10001 Pickups powering LED lighting using the Walthers 6-wheel trucks.

We're revisiting our passenger car upgrade line of products in this new product announcement. To make installation of our Tailgate Gyralite Marker kit easier, we've developed a pickup lug kit which is easy to assemble and provides strain relief to small (soft) wires bring the power up into the body of the passenger car.

OMM 10001 Pickup Lugs folding
Follow this link to OMM #10001 Pickup Lug Kit
for more information and ordering.

End of the Year Plans - 2017

It Must Be Fall!

Every year with the coming of the Fall season, OwlMtModels tries to visit as many conventions and meets as we can. This year we're also look forward to seeing all our fellow modelers at the V&T Convention in Carson City in early October. Followed by hopefully being able to meet many new friends at the Chicago-Naperville RPM meet later in the month. After that we'll be into November and if everything goes right, we'll still have steam enough for the SPH&TS Convention in Santa Rosa. After the SP Convention, it's always nice to think about a nice long winters nap to dream up new projects. - - - Well in reality we'll probably have several more months of working on the projects we have going already, plus a few more new surprises for the coming year!

Last Months News & Updates

OMM 10001 Pickup Lugs folding
OMM F-50-Series Kits
for more information and ordering.

Thanks to everyone who supported and purchased the F-50-Series project which sold out immediately. Feel Free to contact us about reserving a model from the second run.

We'll also be updating the F-50-Series page with more information about the prototypes and tips on building them. Also we'd love to display photos of your finished OwlMtModels products on our new Gallery Page (Coming Soon)!

"Green Flags" on the 1st F-50-series Kits Run - Update for Sept 17, 2017

Follow the link above to see the updates from September 2017!

Future Projects

Between everything else we're still working on our future projects and several others that haven't been announced!

New Lumber Loads

OwlMtModels is also looking forward to our next Modular Lumber Load Kit to go with the new F-50-series cars. This new kit will be a "Narrow" lumber load suitable for gondolas and the narrower F-50-series flatcar decks.

OMM concept for Narrow Lumber Load Kit

In addition, a second kit with extra lumber parts will be offered to fit 52-60ft flatcars and gondolas.

F-50-Series Add-on Kits

These will be small mini-kits which can be added to appropriate F-50-series flatcar kits to make unique and special assignment cars.

SP 36" Sideboards (SP Style) - These should be added to cars modeling SPdeM and UP F-50-4s as-built. Many T&NO cars had sideboards fitted for stone loading and other assignments. SPMW Supply Flats often had sideboards as well, when delivering smaller items such as barrels, kegs, boxes, etc.

OMM concept for SP 36inch sideboards

Picture from several years ago of our early rendering of a the SP 36" Sideboard set. These will be injection molded with wire tie-rods and etchings for the internal braces.

"Beet Rack" - Blackburn-style (1930's-1950 version) - This rack sat on top of the car with turnbuckle rods to the corners of the car. The Blackburn design had four large side doors and no vertical stakes mounting into the stake pockets. This rack was in regular service until the G-50-20 and G-50-23 cars were delivered in 1949.

OMM concept for Blackburn Rack

Picture from several years ago of our early rendering of a Blackburn Rack. These will be injection molded with wire tie-rods. We also plan to made a removable 'beet load' and side pieces to make the car look correct when loaded!

Additional Future Projects

OMM #2001 SP F-50-4 Single-Beam Centersill Harriman Flatcar Kit

The next step in the F-50-Series of projects will be the #2001 & #2006 Kits for the F-50-4, with new tooling for the single-beam underframe and new brake detail and parts.

This will allow correct F-50-4 class models to be built of the 1500 cars for SP and SP Subsidiaries; NWP, PE, SPdeM (SP of Mexico), CP, O&C, AE, GH&SA (Laster T&NO). This will be Kit #2001. SPMW received F-50-4s starting about 1937 and mostly ending in about 1951-52, according to the 1956 SPMW Roster. Many others went into logging service as LF-50-series cars in 1952 (see further ideas for those below).

OMM #2006 UP F-50-4 Single-Beam Centersill Harriman Flatcar Kit

The #2006 kit will be for the 300 UP and OR&N F-50-4 cars, and in addition to the tooling upgrades for #2001, this kit will have a new set decals - probably a two color set with white and yellow lettering styles.

OMM #2007 UP F-50-5, UP F-50-6 & UP F-50-7 class cars – UP's family of F-50-series cars

More research will be needed on the UP roster of flatcars for these classes of cars. From what information we do have, there were over 1500 cars in these classes. These cars had different side sills and end sills than the F-50-4 and SP designs, so these UP classes will require extra tooling to produce. Hopefully this kit can use the same decals which will be done for the #2006 kit (above).

Possible F-50-Series Projects or Refitting Kits

OwlMtModels in the future hopes to continue to expand this series of models based on the F-50-series flatcar. Which of these projects will get enough interest to justify injection molded tooling is a bridge we will come to after the currently planned F-50-4,-5,-8,-9,-10,&-12 (2001, 2002 & 2003) kits are released.

Some ideas include the SP LF-50-4,-5,-8,-9,-10,-12 type logging flatcar and SPMW Wheel flatcars (with wheel racks).

There are some other interesting add-ons we are considering and our friends in the modeling community have asked us to look into. While we may move forward on them at some point, we are focusing on the main car kits and the add-ons listed above as our priority.

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